What is STREAM?

STEM education is a national leading practice that focuses on the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. As Catholic schools, our mission is to educate the whole child; therefore, we have taken the principles of STEM infused Religion across all subjects, and immersed the Arts to provide students the creative thinking skills necessary to communicate and advance STEM in the real world.

STREAM is not a new curriculum, but rather a framework for creative instruction that integrates technology with the traditional use of textbooks to strengthen the learners knowledge across all subject areas.


STREAM prepares our students with the skills necessary to thrive in our ever-changing world. Our children will need to be able to inquire, think, investigate, and innovate to succeed. STREAM prepares our students for successful careers in a 21st century workforce while at the same time teaching them how to balance spiritual life with work commitments.

STREAM Seven Standards of Practice

List of 7 items.

  • Learn and apply content

  • Integrate content

  • Interpret and communicate information

  • Engage in inquiry

  • Engage in logical reasoning

  • Collaborate as a team

  • Apply technology effectively

    • Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math