Why Christian Service?

In the Gospel spirit of giving service to others and putting into practice what is learned in the classroom, middle school students are required to perform  a minimum number of service hours each year.
The goal of the Christian Service Program is to teach St. Anthony of Padua Elementary students to serve others in the Christian tradition, service to others is both our responsibility and our blessing, for it is God who first served us.

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Goals of Service

  • Gain a greater and deeper understanding of their community and themselves as contributing, caring human beings.
  • Experience a heightened awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of others, within their school community and in the larger community.
  • Continue to serve beyond the minimum by organizing their time, talents, and resources to enhance the quality of life in their community.
  • Incorporate Christian service into the culture of their school.
  • Use this program as a tool for academic success and enrichment.
  • Discover how our school can make a difference in the community.